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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

From our beginning over 70 years ago, Life Church Smyrna has been a missions giving, outreach minded church. Right here in our local community we serve schools, businesses and other organizations. We serve local church plants, ministries to the poor and homeless, and ministry to college and school campuses. Additionally, we support missionaries around the world, some of whom are serving in dangerous areas. We truly embody the value of taking the message of Jesus Christ “from our neighbors to the nations.”
Below are listed the missionaries and organizations that we support with monthly financial gifts and prayer. Some of the information is limited due to missionaries serving in sensitive areas. Please contact Pastor Christian Salzillo at christian@lifechurchsmyrna.com with any questions.

Faith Promise Commitment

If you would like to join us in our mission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ from our neighbors to the nations, you can do so through a Faith Promise Commitment. This is a commitment you make, that says "As God enables, I will give..." All of the funds that come in through faith promise commitments will go out to our missionaries.

Active Missionaries

World Minsitries

*specific info withheld/sensitive country

Dr. Jim and Theda Bennett:
    Global Initiative
Chris and Carol*:
Flynn and Renee Clanton:
    Network 211
Jonathan and Bonnie Cooper:
    Network 211
Ed and Cecelia Dalbello:
Darron and Maggie*:
    Northern Asia
David and Beth* :
    Southern Asia
David and Mary*:
Tom and Becky Davis:
Leah Diaz Baty:
Jay and Nancy Dickerson:
    Area Directors, Latin America Childcare
Donovan and Kathy*:
Steve and Tece Enstminger:
Mark and Kim Gardner:
    Melanesia (South Pacific)
Justin and Anna Gilpin:
Sherwood and Bethany Griggs:
    Kenya | Anaweza
Jack and Dawn*:
Jonathan and Tracee*:
Ryan and Caitlyn Jordan:
Joseph and Laura*:
Corey and Tona Kautz:
Kurt and Stephanie*:
Laura and Chris*:
    Eurasia/Arab World
Mike and Naomi Lawrence:
Todd and Christine Lawson:
    West Africa
Dr. Ron and Esther Marcotte:
Mark and Amy*:
Allen and JoAnn Martin:
Nathan and Shannon*:
Jim and Heidi Ozias:
    Global University (Outreach to Sensitive Countries)
Ross and Margaret*:
Norbert and Patricia Schenhals:
    Global Teen Challenge (Latin America Childcare)
Terry and Debbie Waisner:
    Asia Pacific

US Ministries

Bob and Lynn Aston :
    Missionaries to Children
Jonathan and Sharon Brown :
    Life Bridge Inner-City Ministry, Savannah, GA
Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge:
    Children’s Ministry
Tim and Rochelle Enloe:
    Enloe Ministries, Wichita, KS
Fred Higgins:
    Chaplain, Motorcycle Ministry
Robby and Betty Jernigan:
    Chaplain, Emergency Services
Marcus and Jeanea Johnson:
    US MAPS (Mission America Placement Service)
Jessica Lamb:
    Atlanta Redemption Ink
Paul and Patty Palmer:
    Atlanta Dream Center, Atlanta, GA
Debra and Joseph Patterson:
    Hope Farms Recovery Center, GA
Speed The Light:
    Youth Ministry
Billy and Valerie Thomas:
    US MAPS (Mission America Placement Service)
Joe and Ann Trementozzi:
    Special Touch Ministries

US Campus Ministries

Robbie and Jessica Anderson:
    National Chi Alpha 
Ouida Bradford:
    Chi Alpha Georgia District Director
Mary Lyons:
    Chi Alpha @ Atlanta Area HBCU’s
Jordan and Courtney Napoli:
    Chi Alpha @ Columbus State University
Jessica Riner:
    Youth Alive Campus Missionary | Georgia
B.J. Thomas:
    Chi Alpha @ University of Georgia

US Church Planting

Larry and Jennifer Grawey:
    Kennesaw Family Life Church, Kennesaw, GA
Jerauld and Anna Rekow:
    River of Life Assembly of God, Menomonie, WI