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90 Day Partnership Covenant

What is tithing?

Many Christians regularly give ten percent of their income to the Lord through their local church. This practice, known as tithing, began in the Old Testament, it was later affirmed by Jesus and taught by the apostles as an act of worship.
Because we believe you cannot outgive God, we want to offer you an opportunity to experience the joy of stewardship without any pressure at all. If you have never tithed or if it’s been a while since you have tithed, we want to encourage you to give ten percent of your income to the Lord through Life Church. In doing so, you will join in the “90 Day Partnership Covenant.” After three months of faithfully tithing, if you do not believe God has blessed you for being obedient, we will return the contributions you presented during the 90 day period you selected. Your decisions will not be publicized at any time and please be assured that we are praying for you as you take this important step in your faith journey.

To participate, simply fill out and submit the form linked below.